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  Please call 602-258-5075 to place all orders.

Baby Back Ribs  $6.15/lb
Belly                      $4.65/lb
Cheek Meat         $7.15/lb
Fat Back              $1.60/lb
Fat Leaf               $  3.55/lb
Ground Pork       $4.65/lb
Jowl                      $3.15/lb
Leg of Pork  bone in       $3.40/lb
Leg of Pork boneless     $3.90/lb
Leg Cutlets           $4.15/lb
Loin Chop           $5.40/lb
Neck Bones        $  1.05/lb
Hock/Shank        $3.15/lb
Rib Chop            $5.40/lb
Rib Roast           $5.15/lb
Shoulder             $4.15/lb
Sirloin Chop        $4.65/lb
Sirloin Roast        $4.40/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast  $3.90/lb
Spareribs            $4.40/lb
Tenderloin          $8.15/lb

New Pork Products
Skin                        $1.55/lb
Snout                      $1.60/lb
Ears                       $1.65/lb
Feet (Trotters)       $1.60/lb
Tails                        $1.60/lb
*Whole Pig Head   $12.00 each
   *(Please call in advance)

Buckboard Bacon    $7.15/lb
Center Cut Bacon    $7.15/lb
Ham Hocks              $4.15/lb
Ham Steak               $7.15/lb
Hassayampa Ham    $6.65/lb
Rashers/Irish Bacon $7.15/lb
Smoked Chops         $6.40/lb
Smoked Jowl            $7.15/lb
Bacon Pieces            $3.65/lb
Smoked Neckbones  $3.15/lb
Smoked Pig Ears      $3.15/lb
Smoked Pig Tails       $3.15/lb 

 (all made in house)
Andouille                 $6.40/lb
Bratwurst                 $5.40/lb
Breakfast  No Sugar 
     Links                   $7.40/lb
     Patties                $5.40/lb
Cajun                       $6.40/lb
Chorizo                    $5.40/lb
Country Links          $7.40/lb
Country Patties       $5.40/lb
English Banger       $5.40/lb
French Apple          $6.40/lb
Hot Italian NO Sugar       $5.40/lb
Linguisa                  $5.40/lb
Polish                      $5.40/lb
Southwest               $6.40/lb
Sweet Italian No Sugar   $5.40/lb

Beef Sausage (100% grass fed)

   Beef Hot Links    $8.30/lb
   Beef Chorizo       $8.30/lb
   Beef Sweet Italian   $8.30/lb


Bacon Burgers                 $8.30/lb
     50/50 Beef & Pork
Pork Chorizo Patties       $5.40/lb
Brat Patties                     $5.40/lb

Bones-Marrow                  $4.30/lb
Bones-Knuckle                 $2.10/lb
Brisket                               $ 7.80/lb
Chuck Roast Bone-in      $8.30/lb
Chuck Tender                   $  8.65/lb
Crosscut Shank                $  7.30/lb
Flank Steak                      $13.30/lb
Flatiron Steak                   $10.80/lb
Ground Beef                     $7.30/lb
Ground Beef Patties         $  7.55/lb
New York Strip                 $17.55/lb
Oxtail (grass fed)           $    6.30/lb
Porterhouse Steak           $18.80/lb
Ribeye Steak                    $17.30/lb
Round Steak                    $   8.30/lb
Short Ribs                        $   7.05/lb
Shoulder Roast                $   8.55/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast            $   8.80/lb
Sirloin Tip Steak            $   9.30/lb
Skirt Steak                        $13.30/lb
Standing Rib Roast          $16.80/lb
Stew Meat                        $  8.30/lb
T-Bone Steak                   $16.80/lb
Tenderloin Steak           $ 24.30/lb
Tenderloin Whole          $  23.80/lb
Tongue                         $    6.30/lb
Top Round Roast             $   7.80/lb
Top Sirloin Steak              $13.05/lb
Tri Tip                              $13.30/lb

Waiting list for these items:
   Pork Belly
   Grass-fed Beef marrow bones
   Grass-fed Beef Crosscut Shank

Corn Fed Beef
   Ground beef (2 lb pkg.)   $3.50/lb
   Marrow bones                  $1.75/lb
   Knuckle bones                 $  .99/lb
   Liver, Heart & Kidney      $1.50/lb
   Oxtail                               $4.99/lb
   Tongue                            $  4.99/lb

NOTE:  Our Corn Fed Beef comes from cattle that is fed both grass and grain.  ALL other beef on our menu is 100% Grass Fed. 

CHICKEN Free Range
Please call in advance for availability.

Our chicken comes from one source, Ridgeview Farms a small family farm in Paulden, AZ.  We place frequent orders for chicken however the supply does get low at times.

Whole Chickens..................$5.00/
Whole Cut-Up Chicken......$6.00/lb
Legs.................................. ..$5.75/lb
Boneless Skinless Breast...$8.50/lb

WILD Game Products (frozen)
   Rabbit  (whole only)       $10.99/lb
   Ground Buffalo               $  9.75/lb
   Buffalo Burgers              $  9.99/lb
   Bison Hot Dogs              $11.99/lb
   Ground Venison             $11.99/lb
   Pheasant                         $10.99/lb

Turkey, Duck & Goose are seasonal.


Available with at least 2 weeks advance notice. 
A $50.00 deposit is required and our price includes a completely prepared and ready to roast pig. 
You will need to figure on 1 1/2 lb per person when calculating the roaster weight. 
The following list shows the sizes we sell and the price per pound. 
Your pig will be selected from our farm a few days prior to date of pick up and the actual weight can vary from your original request.  Please allow for this when planning your roasting method.  

50-59 lb        $4.25/lb
60-69 lb        $3.95/lb
70-79 lb        $3.75/lb
80-89 lb        $3.50/lb
90-99 lb        $3.25/lb
100-119 lb    $3.00/lb
120-169 lb    $2.75/lb
170-229 lb    $2.50/lb


We post weekly specials on facebook and in our weekly newsletter.  You can sign up for the newsletter by sending your email address to  Beth will be glad to add your name to the list.
We custom cut each day until 3:00pm.
After this time you can make your selection from our Fresh Case or Freezer. 

You may call ahead to place an order but it is not required. 
We suggest ordering ahead to reserve the meat that you must have for large orders, those special menus, and for those of you who come a long distance.  When you call we will let you know what is available and if any items are on a waiting list.

    Pork Belly
    Beef Marrow Bones
    Beef Crosscut Shank

Learning about Healthy Meat and which cuts of meat to choose is important.  We are here to help and we hope you leave The MEAT SHOP experience with more than meat.

HUNTERS, FARMERS & RANCHERS  We custom process livestock and wild game at West Valley Processing --our slaughter house in Buckeye, AZ.  Call 623-393-8488 Monday-Friday 5am-2pm to schedule an appointment. 



* Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for us to fill your order.

* Chops and steaks can be cut ¾ “ or 1” thick.

*Country and Breakfast Sausage Links and Beef Sausage flavors are excluded.

* All package weights are approximate, total box weight will match or exceed listed box weight.

* Advance payment is required for these custom cut boxes.

* Please call us at 602-258-5075 to place your order.

Pork Box

4 lbs. Loin Chops
4 lbs. Rib Chops
4 lbs. Boneless Sirloin Chops
3 lbs. Leg Roast
4 lbs. Pork Cutlets
4 lbs. Ground Pork
4 lbs. any Sausage*
4 lbs. Bacon
3 racks Spare Ribs

34 lbs. $170.00

Small Freezer Box

2 lbs. Rib Chops
4 lbs. Boneless Sirloin Chops
3 lbs. Pork Leg Roast
1 lb. any Sausage*
1 Rack Spare Ribs
2 lbs. Chuck Roast, or Stew Beef
2 lbs. Ground Beef
1 lb. Bacon

17 lbs. $80.00

Combo Box

4 lbs. Chuck or Shoulder Roast
3 lbs. Sirloin Tip Roast
3 lbs. Bottom Round Roast
4 lbs. Ground Beef
2 lbs. Top Sirloin Steak
4 lbs. Pork Rib Chops
4 lbs. Boneless Sirloin Chops
4 lbs. Pork Leg Roast
4 lbs. any Sausage*
4 lbs. Bacon
2 racks Spare Ribs

40 lbs. $250.00

Beef Box

4 lbs. Chuck or Shoulder Roast
1 Chuck Tender Roast
2 lbs. Round Roast
4 lbs. Sirloin Tip Steak or Roast
3 lbs. Bone-In Short Ribs
5 lbs. Stew Meat
5 lb. Ground Beef

24 lbs. $185.00

Beef Grill Box

5 lbs. Rib Eye
4 lbs. T-Bone
4 lbs. Porterhouse
2 lbs. Top Sirloin Steak
4 lbs. Sirloin Tip Roast or Steak
6 lbs. Ground Beef

25 lbs. $320.00


Due to limited availability, we do not always have lamb in stock.

Bones                                 $4.99/lb
Breast                                 $9.99/lb
Ground Lamb                    $10.99/lb
Kabob                                $13.99/lb
Leg of Lamb                      $12.99/lb
Leg of Lamb Boneless     $13.99/lb
Loin Chop                          $19.99/lb
Rack of Lamb                    $19.99/lb
Round Bone/Arm Chop    $11.99/lb
Shank                                 $9.99/lb
Shoulder/Blade Chop       $11.99/lb
Shoulder Roast                 $12.99/lb
Sirloin Chop                      $13.99/lb
Stew/Neck Bones             $  9.99/lb