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Come to our Small Place, Discover the Huge Taste
     If you are looking for an OLD FASHIONED BUTCHER shop you have come to the right place.  The MEAT SHOP brings in FRESH meat every week to be custom cut for you by our skilled butchers.
     Our All Natural Pork with true pork flavor, comes to you in one day from our farm in Palo Verde.   Our Grass-Fed beef is brought in from the Black Mountain Beef Company to be dry aged for at least 14 days.  Periodically throughout the year we bring in Free Range Veal and Pasture Raised Lamb also from local farms.  We also have Ground Bison, Buffalo New York Strip Steaks, Ground Venison, Bison Hot Dogs, Rabbit and other seasonal Wild Game.
      At The MEAT SHOP you can get to know your butcher, watch how meat is processed, and learn which cuts to buy.  Our meat is additive free.  This means fresh cuts of meat never have coloring, water, chemicals, salt, or any other preservatives added to them.  Our sausage is made with all natural seasonings and we have 15 flavors to choose from The MEAT SHOP's ham, bacon and other smoked products are minimally processed, have NO Sugar, and are low in salt and sodium nitrite. 

     Old Fashioned means asking the butcher to custom cut your meat for you.  You can get it cut as thick as you like, bone-in or boneless and even with a little more or a little less fat than usual.  We package all our meat in vacuum sealed bags to preserve the freshness and quality of the meat. 
     We look forward to meeting you at The MEAT SHOP.  When you walk in you will see a fresh case with a nice selection of meat and we have more in our cooler waiting for your cut instructions.  While you are with us do not hesitate to ask questions, share recipes or even request specialty items.  We know you will love the meat that comes to you Fresh and local and will do all we can to make your visit a great experience in our "Small place with Huge Taste".    

Our meat comes from LOCAL farms.

No Hormones are given to our animals.

Antibiotics are not added to the feed to speed growth.

We believe in raising animals humanely!

202 E. Buckeye Rd.
Phoenix, AZ  85004

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